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Why Be A Business Owner?

For me making the decision to start a business designing luxury stationery and gifts was a no brainer. After spending a majority of my twenty’s just wishing that I could do something with all of the ideas that I had but lacking the belief, commitment and the skills needed to make a business work. With a promising career in banking meant I could have the lifestyle I wanted without financial risk. 

Despite this I knew that one day I would be my own boss.  Articles of business owners that started in their 30s and 40s kept my entrepreneurial dreams alive.

 The What?

Your Own Life Organised aka YOLO was the idea that made me take the leap into becoming a business owner.  After discussing ‘The Diary With A Difference’ with my long term friend Lee, we decided to partner up for the venture and we quickly realised that we were onto something special.  

Our products are all designed with our ethos at the heart of each of them, no compromises. It is about making being organised a lifestyle choice and giving you the tools that you need to help you in this chaotic fast paced life. We want to create beautiful luxury stationery and gift range that offer you something more than looking good in your handbag.  

The Why Now?

It is a combination of things, I feel ready to run a business and now the drive to do it is greater.  For all of my years working I never felt that I quite ‘fitted’ in to the corporate workplace. My friends always said to me ‘You should go on Dragon’s Den or The Apprentice.’ I spent 8 years in retail up to management level then swapped the shop floor for the trading floor and spent the most recent years of my career in banking. When I measured myself against my peers the passion just wasn’t there for me, in comparison they lived and breathed their jobs. It was their life. I was dedicated and hardworking but my head and heart were elsewhere.   

Once the kids came along my attitude and mindset changed along with the need for flexibility. It became even more obvious that I had to start doing something I loved, that utilised my creativity. To have the best of all worlds, to be the mum that works and manages the school run. I work just as hard and as many hours as I ever did, now it works around the most important thing to me, my family. 


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