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Our Brand New Startup


Let us introduce ourselves, we are Sarah and Lee, friends for years; now we are setting up our own online stationery and gift company called Your Own Life Organised – YOLO for short.  

 Business Women

Since becoming mums we understand the importance of spending your time wisely, whether it be with family, friends, being organised at work or being mindful in your outlook. Going back to our high-pressured jobs that demanded long hours and little flexibility added chaos to every day – by launching our lifestyle brand we plan on helping ourselves and others be something we couldn’t live without – being organised and looking good doing it! Hence the birth of Your Own Life Organised. 

Us in Each Other’s Words

Sarah in a nutshell is a driving force, fun and full of energy (fortunate as she has 4 kids under 4) and hugely creative. Being an outgoing person Sarah has been dreaming up ideas for her own business for years, it’s of no surprise that she is finally achieving the dream! Sarah is a figure people don’t forget, her trademark hair ensures that as well as her 5 kids which includes triplets born in 2015.   

Lee is Sarah’s perfect business partner, bouncing off each other like ping pong and she definitely keeps YOLO’s feet grounded when the ideas start growing wings of their own. She is kind, funny, tenacious, the right level of realistic and everyone that meets her loves her and warms to her! In Sarah’s own words, “I feel lucky to have such a great friend especially one that is willing to take this leap with me.”  

Sarah, a complete OCDer in regards to being organised and fed up of never finding the perfect diary that helped her along the way came to Lee to co-design their version of a diary… with a difference!  

The Products

Your Own Life Organised provides a variety of lifestyle products including daily planners, mindfulness journals and our amazing 4 in 1 Organiser in eye-catching designs to help busy people unite busy lives so each day feels like its been rocked not winged!  

If you want to keep up to date on our progress and see our brand come to life with more goodies that help you keep YOLO make sure you sign up to our mailing list, and receive hot off the press discount codes to boot!

So what do you think, did we do ok on our first blog? Stick with us, lots more to come! 


Sarah & Lee x  


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Written by Sarah Williams and Lee Bishop 

20th April 2018

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