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Happy Father’s Day

What’s on the agenda to celebrate the fathers in your life? Are you an outing type person, or a gift person? Or maybe a homemade card and breakfast in bed type person?

As co-owner of a lifestyle brand, Your Own Life Organised, you would imagine I have the skills to pay the bills. Sarah always nails it. The perfect present – spot on every time, male or female, family, friend, colleague and she even conjures up great suggestions for people she doesn’t know! But for me and plenty others, when such an occasion arises, I frequently hear and say the phrase, “He’s so hard to buy for”. My other half’s birthday, I find impossible. My husband cleverly says my presence is present enough. But a Maclaren wouldn’t go amiss!

Father’s Day has previously presented me with gift buying dilemmas. My own dad was the kind that always said “don’t buy me anything, save your money”, and he really was just happy with a card. My husband has received etched pint glasses, personalised cheese board and knives, hand painted mugs with Batman on the side (if you squint). Food and drink is a passion of ours clearly!!

Last year was a breakthrough. I felt like I’d finally made progress on Father’s Day. My son is an avid nature collector. He gets the hording gene from me. The collection can be anything. I have an extensive collection of sticks stuck into the flower pot by my front door. An idea struck and out came the superglue and craft box… and my husband loved it. Fortunately, as that was all I’d managed to come up with!


Sometimes keeping it simple is best. Here at we treasure the simple stuff, the things that keep you focused on the moment in time and let you fully embrace the company you keep.

Whatever type of dad you are buying for, we salute you all. Happy Father’s Day.

PS, yes that is a tiny mug in the photo from Playmobil. Don’t ask!!


Lee x

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Written by Lee Bishop

14th June 2018

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