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Back to School (Part One)

As August draws to a close, thoughts turn to September and that brings SCHOOL TIME! Some may rejoice at the end of holidays as normality returns, some may be feeling sad for the start of your little ones starting school for the first time, some may be returning to work and feeling rather blue – whatever it is that’s occurring in September for you we thought we would gather some hints and tips and war stories to lighten the mood. We ended up getting so much, the blog became a two parter!

First up is Julia, a senior school teacher. “I prepare for the return to school as if preparing for battle.  As dramatic as it sounds, the first day back after the long summer break always requires plenty of deep breaths and drawing on some real mental positivity. I love my job (unusual I know but it’s true) and it’s good to be able to start the school year ahead feeling recharged, relaxed, basically like a person again after the summer break but it’s also so important to go back knowing you’ve got this in hand, you can do this!”

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Second up is me, Lee, co-owner of YOLO and mum to Seb, 4 yrs old and going to into Reception. “I have massive mixed emotions about Seb starting school. I am happy for him starting out on his new big adventure, he is ready for that next stage of learning and development but he’s also going to be one of the youngest in his Reception class, and that makes me want to wrap him up in cotton wool! Seb’s an August baby and he’s a fairly little kid (I’m only 5ft 1 to be fair!), he’s boisterous and confident in so many ways but also such a beautifully sensitive little boy and we have so much fun together that I’m really going to miss his company during the week. He’s been going to the Preschool 2.5 days a week and I feel so sad that our outings, play dates and off the cuff trips are coming to an end although the structure and routine of a week at school will be beneficial in so many ways for him and for me as well! Seb’s enjoyed his time at the school nursery and I’m sure he will fine going up into the “big school” along with a lot of his friends but I’m well aware that the likelihood is both he and I will shed a couple tears on day one, but by day five we will be all good!”

 Lee and her son Sebastian.

Time gained is a hard earned thing, to find extra moments in your day to get errands done, sort out the piles of washing and ironing that get put off when that Lego castle just HAS to be rebuilt for the 12th time, to realise the milk is down the last drops and the bread has gone off, to write that report, check that email, make that call, pay that bill, join that class, plan that and book this! However you figure your day out, why don’t you join our mailing list and use our regular top tips to try to organise your time! Join at


Lastly we have Clare, a teaching assistant and mum to Freddie, 15 yr old starting Year 11. “Working in a school myself I get the holidays off which is great. However, with a 15 nearly 16 year old and only a couple of weeks before we are due to go back to the dreaded routine I start to panic and get that knot in my tummy! I just know how stressful it is going to be getting my son to finish those final bits of homework which at this stage is so important going into year 11! This is when we really need to get that routine back in place a bit early as everything is all over the place; one thing being the horrific bedtime (which doesn’t get easier as they get older by the way!!) Instead of the late nights in his room playing PS4 online with his mates and laying in till silly o’clock he has to be in bed by 10 and up by 7. It’s back to me telling him at least 5 times to get up and in the shower then once he is I then can’t get him out! Getting him out that door by 8.15 in the morning is really hard work so by the time he goes, and I have to leave myself I feel like I’ve done a day’s work already. Oh well, only 7 weeks till the next break!

 Clare and her son  Freddie

It seems like yesterday that I took Freddie to his first day in reception and tried to hide the tears as I waved him goodbye and with the blink of an eye here he is going into year 11 the most important year of his life. He is not the most academic boy and really does need to be encouraged and supported. This is one of the reasons I decided to get him a maths tutor while in year 10, as a parent all you want for your kids is the best and I worry all the time about his upcoming GCSE’s. I know though, you can only do so much for them – the hard work has to come from him – I can only be there a help him as best I can. Lots of people with children older than Freddie tell me that once they get to year 11 it all seems to slip into place and they put in the work hours, that they take it seriously so I hope they are right. I know that Freddie may not like me hollering at him to get out of bed and to do his homework over the next couple years but I’m sure one day he will thank me for it, well he had better!”

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Read part two of this Back to School blog next week to get some great tips on getting organised for starting off at secondary school and what primary school teachers need to get through their days!


23 August 2018

Thanks to guest bloggers Julia Morgan and Clare Bishop for their time and words.

Photo Credit: Sid and Evie’s, Children’s Shop.

Guest Blog by Holly Herring, owner of Adamontise Toy Shop
Back To School (Part 2)
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