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Welcome to the YOLO Collection

The Organisers

Busy people need to brilliantly organised and being organised is what Your Own Life Organised is all about. Achieving the management of your week ahead can be no easy task. Not only are we about making sure you have the ultimate tools to organise your life, we are all about you doing it with style.

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The Bedside Book

Our Organisers can help your day, our Bedside Book can help your emotions. Use our mindfulness journal to help you focus on you, to take your day’s pressures and release them to allow you that relaxing restful sleep you need to recharge your mind and body.

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The Bangle Bands

If you are anything like us we are never without a hairband or five around our wrists, and let's face it, they aren't a fashion statement look. Well, that is until now! YOLO have teamed up with an amazing company called byEloise London and we are now stocking a matching collection of their bangles to our designs. Bangle bands are beautifully comfortable both in your hair and on your wrist and have the added benefit of looking good at the same time, something matches Your Own Life Organised's own ethos!

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The Notebooks

Sometimes you like a list, sometimes you like a doodle but you always like to be organised whatever the moment requires. Well now you can be, YOLO’s newly launched Notebook allows you to scribble and list to your heart’s content. Currently available in our Bright Palm design.

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The Planners

The Planner was conceived for those who, like Lee herself, use the calendars on their phones for diary appointments but still love a paper-based product to note those daily jobs, reminders and tasks for the week ahead. What can we say. It’s simple, effective, elegant. All your essentials and none of the fuss.

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The Gift Sets

We wanted you to be super organised – why not pick up those gifts on your To Do list whilst you are here. And why pick one when you can pick several! Check out our gifts and take advantage of the discounts offered on the sets. We aim to please!

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The Pen

How can you be organised without a pen? And how can you look good without it being a matching pen to an amazing design. Effortlessly cool… that’s just how we roll (and write!)

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