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The Bedside Book

How do you unwind after a typically crazy day? How do your emotions from your interactions with people drive your life? What do you do to take the time to focus on the moment, to analyse and release your stress, to pay attention to yourself after a day of running around after the rest of your world?

Well, now you have our beautiful Bedside Book.

Available in our amazingly delicate and iconic Coral Wave pattern, the Bedside Book actively encourages you to take a step back from your day, still your thoughts, recover forgotten feelings moments and remember lost sensations that make you reassess your life. Full of positive quotes with thought provoking exploratory questions and packed with plenty of journal pages for you to freefall through your day, this is a perfect addition to your quest for mindfulness and mental health.

Buy it for your bedside table or as a gift for someone in your life who needs that reminder that their mind and body are as important as their daily actions.

With this in mind, a donation from every sale of the Bedside Book will be made to the charity MIND in order for this amazing charity to continue its inspiring work helping those with mental health issues.

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